Wikipedia chapter outline

I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to place content on Wikipedia at the head of the book, but I think I’ve got an idea that will work.  Instead of saying “Here are Surowiecki’s 4 conditions (which will take a second for you to get your heads around) and I think Wikipedia is the best way to embody those,” maybe I could to frame it as “Look, here’s Wikipedia and it works.  Perhaps the best reason why Wikipedia works is because it satisfies the 4 conditions.”

What it will allow me to do (I think) is give myself a bit of distance from some of Wikipedia’s particulars. For instance, I don’t have to deal with Jimbo’s objectivism, per se, but I can remain in a place where I mainly deal with him as the Benevolent Dictator for the community.  Then I can ask questions about BDs without getting caught up in Jimbo being the prototypical BD while still using him as an example.

So, with that, here’s a stab at an outline.

Other than general thoughts (always welcome!), specific feedback I’m looking for:

  1. Is something missing that you expected to see or that you think is vital?
  2. Does the order flow well? Do the points hang together in a logical fashion (based on what I’ve given you in the outline)?
  3. Is there a consistency to the different parts?  I want to make sure that items addressed in the top part are accounted for in the bottom part.
  4. Does it make sense?

UPDATE(4/13/10): I removed the some material at the head of the outline and have moved it to another chapter that will most likely be before this one.

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