Chapter 1 Rough Draft – “The Open Source Church”

Weighing in at just over 10,000 words (seriously – did I just puke all over the page or what?) here is a very rough first draft of Chapter 1 – The Open Source Church.

Please spread the news about the link.  Feel free to leave comments here or send them to

One thought on “Chapter 1 Rough Draft – “The Open Source Church”

  1. Hi Landon – we met a year or two ago when you visited Dubuque for a COTE event. Congratulations on your election to Vice-Moderator. Gary Eller at OPSF pointed me to your blog.

    This is an interesting link between technospeak and Christianity. I’d love to keep talking as you tweak and add further chapters. If you need a grammar/spelling/usage editor with a good eye for detail, let me know.

    I’m teaching our Technology in Ministry class next month for our incoming cohort of Distance M.Div. students. Will share the link to your chapter as part of our larger discussion about developing a theology of technology and starting to think about ways technology can be used in ministry for the glory of God.


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