Call for help!

I need a few stories about a time you were a part of a group (either as its leader or as a participant) and you all were able to accomplish something truly remarkable and why still baffles you, even though you might have a good handle on all the pieces and parts of what happened.

Would you mind writing that down (in as much detail as possible) and sending it to me?

One thought on “Call for help!

  1. I was not part of this group, but I have heard from several who were and you were there at GA – talk to someone who was on the Middle East committee at GA. I have heard from several who are still a bit baffled by how they were able to come up with a compromise that not only pleased both sides of the issue, but was so overwhelmingly approved by the GA – I mean, of course it was the work of the Spirit – but this was one case where it appears the wind blew where it willed and left everyone clueless how it happened. Blessed, but clueless.

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