New text for chapters 2 & 3!

Something wasn’t sitting right with the text I had for chapters 2 & 3.  As I was writing, it just felt like I was completely missing the point that needed to be made.

So I spent 3 hours the other night working on the structure of the two documents and I am much, much happier.  If you’ve been kind enough to have already read the two texts, please take some time and read through these revisions – I think they are significantly different.

For those of you that have given me notes and pushed my thinking on each (particularly Beth & Mike), I decided to not to work those in just yet.  My preferred writing method is to get the entire draft out and then go back and revise.  It’s easier for me to edit if I have a “completed” work to grapple with.  I am working with your thoughts as I go forward, just not taking the time to amend the text yet.

I decided to put the chapters into Google docs and pretty them up a bit.

One thought on “New text for chapters 2 & 3!

  1. Hi, Landon!

    The new material at the end of chapter 2 looks good to me. The chapter feels more finished, a helpful wrap-up and orientation for the next step. Good call!


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