The Spirituality of the ISFP

What are they like?

ISFPs are the quiet doers of the world.  Although they have no interest in being in charge (nor being under someone’s thumb) they are very comfortable in a group setting… just don’t ask them to contribute verbally too much. They loathe too much logic and prefer to move forward with their feelings.  A highly perceptive type, ISFPs have a highly refined aesthetic sense and contribute artistically often.

As a personality which has a strong internal sense of what is right and wrong, they make take longer than other s to buy into the value of a given project.  However, once they are satisfied, they will work diligently to accomplish whatever concrete goals they have been given.

Where do they find value in their religious life?

Two words offer a clue to where and ISFP will find religious value: beauty and action.  Do not expect this personality to be content simply sitting in the pew on a Sunday morning.  It is more likely that they will be involved in some way with the “betterment” of the community.  Always meticulous, ISFPs can be found on most worship committees, never saying much, but doing what they can to ensure that the worship space is “right.”  They are also found contributing to external ministries which involve the beautification or functional improvement of someone’s life.

What practices help them stay balanced and centered in God?

Being action oriented, ISFPs find grounding in work that allows them to give to others.  They are always desiring to make a positive contribution to life, and participating in hands-on mission work is at the top of their lists.

What practices push them to go beyond themselves and sacrifice for others?

ISFPs can get caught up on the feelings associated with doing good, that they often push aside the value of theological thought.  A regular practice of scriptural interpretation by reading commentaries and theological works will push them to see beyond their seemingly “self-evident” belief system.

* * * * * * * * * *

As a fellow Introvert, I like the ISFP very much.  I appreciate their need for space and their willingness to give space.

They key to employing an ISFP in a change project is a three step process:

1) Do the hard work necessary to help them see the need and value of the project.

2) Give them a role which maximizes their love of concrete action which adds beauty to the world.

3) Leave them alone to work.

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