The Spirituality of the ENFP

What are they Like?

ENFPs are the bright, warm, and loving people who will talk with you all day long. They see possibilities around every corner, and have an incredible ability to help others see and become excited about them as well.

They do not do “maintenance” well (or at all, if they had their way) and, although they seem to be flitting from one thing to the next, they are actually staying true to both their internal value system and need for an exciting life.

Where do they find value in their religious life?

For the ENFP, value is found with people.  They are highly skilled at developing inter-personal relationships, and can “read” someone with in moments of meeting them.  This allows them to bring out the best in others as well as find the acceptance that they long for.

What practices help them stay balanced and centered in God?

Any practice which allows them to be in relationship with another will allow the ENFP to remain balanced.  They rely heavily on Christianity as an ethical/relational faith.

What practices push them to go beyond themselves and sacrifice for others?

ENFPs are not strong “finishers.” As intense feelers, they often leave a project when they’re not “feeling it.”  Somehow, they need to cultivate an ability to acknoweledge, yet not succumb, to those impulses.

I always suggest contemplative prayer and meditation in these moments, which allows us to see the fleeting nature of our emotions.

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