Mission: Metanoia – The Internet has changed Your Faith [video]

This week, I am honored to be the opening conversation partner at Two Friars and a Fool‘s online theology pub.

Doug, Aric, and Nick are stellar guys and they’ve really got a fun thing going.  Check out the videos below and head to their site for a fun conversation.

And some responses from Two Friars….

And (apparently) the Fool:

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2 thoughts on “Mission: Metanoia – The Internet has changed Your Faith [video]

  1. Great stuff, Landon. I was intrigued by your comments about grace. I agree with you whole heartedly, but I grew up thinking that this emphasis was what it meant to be Reformed and Presbyterian. What has happened to the PCUSA if this fundamental doctrine has been pushed to the more liberal side? Just wondering.

    I find it interesting that people in our congregation have difficulty with Mitch and I (co-pastors) using social media, etc. so much. Some have suggested we’re just playing games, when in truth, real ministry is happening. Sometimes people will start to chat about a tough situation with me, etc. It is a whole new field of outreach.

  2. Aric’s 3rd question is a powerful one. I’ve personally been struggling with it all my life. So, I’m willing to go on the record that I’m able to put all of good stuff of Christianity in to my life while simultaneously forsaking the label “christian.” It was just too much baggage.

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