The time is now

In the midst of the past week’s tragedy I have pondered a simple question: “Why now?”

Why are we angry now? Why is now the time that we say “no more”? Why has our collective will, it seems, turned to rectifying the violence that our nation is suffering now?

Is it because they were children? Is it because we can’t bear the thought of explaining to our 6 year olds what happened?

Unspeakable violence and death have occurred before. Unspeakable violence and death occurs every day, everywhere.

Why now?

I am reminded of Jesus’ words in the fourth chapter of Luke, where he offers his “mission statement” of releasing captives, healing the sick, bringing Good News to the poor, of proclaiming the Year of the Lord’s Favor. And he ends saying, “Today, this has been fulfilled.”

Jubilee begins now.

The time is now.

If Jesus was about anything he was about showing us the true love of God, a love that is enacted by one person sacrificing for another. “No greater love…” God has gathered the Church to be the place where we willing sacrifice our own rights, desires, wants, and wishes so that others may live.

We have been called as the Body of Christ. Christ has no hands or feet in the world now, but ours. We have been called and created to continue the work God in Christ began in Palestine those many years ago.

Whatever the reason, the time is now.

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