Can we stop it with the whole “Christian subculture” thing?

imageI have to admit to being quite troubled by the adherence to, the quest of, and the reliance upon anything that smacks of a Christian “subculture.” I’m not denying that there are not unique aspects to being Christian, just that propping up some sort of alternative web of relationships fundamentally undermines the thing we’ve been called to be.

Christ called his people the “Salt of the Earth.” Last time I checked, food could be too salty, yes? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that being too Christian might be just as bad?

8 thoughts on “Can we stop it with the whole “Christian subculture” thing?

  1. If you mean trying to be more christlike than Christ perhaps you have a point. If you mean wearing your religion on your sleeve rather than your heart perhaps. On the other hand, it is hard to overdo humility and being a servant.

    BTW, I have never figured out how salt can lose its savor.

  2. I hold to the principle of moderation in all things; especially religion (and, occasionally, moderation!). More specifically to your point, I have often wondered if the phrase “Christian sub-culture” was used by faithful pilgrims looking for an excuse to get a new tattoo… Blessed Christmas to you Mr. Whitsitt.

  3. It’s not intended to pick on you, Landon, but Jesus called on his fellow JEWS to be the salt of the earth, not Christians. Matthew took that to mean, along with “beatitudes”, keeping the Torah in letter as well as spirit.

    • While you are, of course, correct, I think we can see it as applying to us as well, yes?

      Regardless, the notion that we can hole ourselves up and be safe, away from the world, is detrimental to the “seasoning” affect we are to have on the world.

  4. Should I be honored or reprimanded for being the pic you chose? Either way I totally agree with your post. I’m not sure if it makes me hypocritical to be ashamed of the Christian subculture yet still obviously give in to it when there are amusing t-shirts to be had but I’m more bothered by things like “Christian” games or alternatives to mainstream media that seem to separate us from the world while creating a lower standard of excellence in the subculture that we’ve created. I’ll just keep this response short although I could go on.

    • I totally couldn’t remember if it was you or Cam who had on that shirt. Thanks!

      Yeah, there’s a definite difference between the hipster mockery of Christian subculture and the wholesale giving in. It’s the “separateness” that bothers me, as if God is not working in all paces and times.

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