You Need To Know About This, 01/20/13

The Story of Stuff

Bob Wollenberg is an anxious empty-nester, looking for something to do. So he’s decided to spend the year taking pictures of all his possessions. He’s only 6 days into his project deconstructing “stuff” and I’m hooked, I tell you. Hooked.

I noticed today that Merriam-Webster’s first definition of “possession” is: “the act of having or taking into control.” Is that why it’s so hard to let go of our stuff…it’s a matter of losing control? What kind of control do we gain through our possessions? What’s hardest to let go of? Maybe for me, some of these possessions tell me who I am – they tell something of my life story and so they give meaning to my life. I’d hate to let go of that.

Counting My Stuff

Say that to my face

Rocky Supinger contends that social media may not be the best place to have in-depth conversations about hard topics. He recently felt compelled to unfriend a family member on Facebook. That’s ballsy.

When we share something on Facebook, whether we compose it ourselves or post it from another source, we’re offering a hot steamy pizza to our social network. Some of our friends will gobble it up, liking it and commenting, “Amen!” and “Thanks for sharing.” Others, though, won’t like it. And their comments effectively throw tofu on the pizza. And nobody likes tofu. Especially on pizza.

Tofu on the Facebook Pizza

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