I’m doing a little blog shuffling

Recently, I have had a wonderful thing happen: My work life and my passions have begun to align. It’s a reality that I have been after for a while now, and I’m thrilled that it’s finally coming to fruition.  Over at the Synod of Mid-America, I am privileged to get to work everyday on things that matter most to me. I get to spend every day figuring out how to work with others to help religious professionals be the best leaders they can be.

Around Christmas of last year, I started noticing that supporting leaders in the church was where I was naturally gravitating in my thinking. “A Good Word,” the compilation of sermons in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting was the first time that it came clear to me. I walked several pastors through that weekend, encouraging them  and reminding them that they were truly called and gifted for moments like that. It was an honor to be their cheerleader, and I wanted more of it.

Soon, it started happening that the work my Commissioners at the Synod wanted be to be about lined up with my own personal goals. It took me a while to realize it, but when I did it was remarkable.

So, to honor that shift, I’m going to take my blog over to the website of the Synod of Mid-America, and I’d like you to join me and my colleague, James, as we work to offer helpful resources and encouragement to those of you serving in the leadership of the Body of Christ. Even though we’re talking specifically to Presbyterians, I hope that we’ll do it in a way that allows all of you to join in and see the benefit for your church context.

You can find the blog here: http://www.synodma.org/blog

If you want to add it to your feedreader, cut and paste this link: http://www.synodma.org/blog/?format=rss

We also have a weekly podcast, that you can find here: https://www.synodma.org/somacast/ (iTunes link)

I’ll post here occasionally, but it’ll be mostly personal stuff.


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