Open Source Gospel (free 55 page eBook)

Below is my manifesto.  It’s the way I view the world, and I hope that it’s helpful as you figure out how you want to view the world.

If you find it inspiring, helpful, thought provoking, convicting, or what have you, please share it with others you know.  Send them here or download the file and forward it to them.

As one of my heros, Chris Guillebeau, likes to say, “Links are the currency of the internet. Do you think I’ve earned your endorsement?”  I hope I have.

4 thoughts on “Open Source Gospel (free 55 page eBook)”

  1. Today, my first day in the pulpit of my new congregation, I preached on “Open Source Church” ( It was extremely well received. I think I’m going to have fun in this new church!

  2. Thanks for sharing the ebook–some interesting ideas regarding open source. One question: Why not mention of the Holy Spirit (other than in the Luke quote)? It seems that the Spirit (and thus the Trinity) would be a good fit for ‘open source’ theology. Maybe in your book version…

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