The 10 Commandments of a Progressive Christian Faith

My name is Landon, and I am a Progressive Christian.

  1. I believe the Grace and Peace of God in Christ is free, and was given to me to set me free in all things (ie – physically, spiritually, emotionally, relationally, materially, politically, intellectually, etc.). I should freely give what I have freely received.
  2. I believe that everyone should be able to come into relationship with Jesus Christ without having to understand his work and person exactly as I do.
  3. I believe that the Gospel will mean different things in different places. Incarnation = Contextualization.
  4. I believe that my understanding of Christ, while valid and transformative, is limited. I do not posses the original, sole, or correct understand of the work and person of Jesus Christ.
  5. I believe that no person or group should be implicitly or explicitly excluded from the Body of Christ.
  6. I believe that I should pray for and support all endeavors which seek to set others free.
  7. I believe that I am called to help set people free without requiring they enter a relationship with Christ.
  8. I believe that the truth of the Gospel cannot be restricted to a particular theology.
  9. I believe that while God has called me into relationship through Christ, others may be called into relationship in other ways.
  10. I believe that the benefit of the Gospel cannot be restricted to a particular group of people.

*Adapted from Open Source Church, Chapter 1