WANTED: Stories of “open source” ministry

This week I was in Louisville for a reunion at my alma mater , and while I was there I sat down with the pastor who I interned with.

Jud and his then co-pastor Liz gathered people together to form Covenant Community Church as an intentional expression of what an “open source” church could look like.  A lot of my thinking is influenced by what I and my family learned and experienced in that community, so I decide to interview Jud for the book (natch).  I really hope to set up an interview with Liz soon because talking through the “idea” of CCC with Jud really reminded me that an open source model of leadership is a viable one.

Then, at a dinner at the reunion, I sat with a classmate of mine as she shared about her work in the Emglish language Korean-Taiwaneese church she’s serving and – again – I was struck by the pervasiveness of this model.

Do you know of people or ministries that you think exemplify an “open source” approach to being church?  Please tell me about them.  I would like to populate this text with a lot of examples of the ways in which we (the Church) are already living this idea.

Leave ideas here in comments or send me an email at landon (at) landonville (dot) com.

open source church chapter outline

Open Source Church chapter outline

Task numero uno: make sure the outline works.The link above will take you to a copy of the outline I sent in with my proposal.

When I got word that my proposal had been accepted, I was also asked to think about a few things.

Does the book really have two sections?: Is the break between the two a strong one, strong enough to warrant merging them? I’m inclined to think so. You?

Should the book begin with the chapter on Wikipedia?: Again, I’m inclined to think so.