Who is Landon?

Landon Whitsitt is a writer, speaker, theologian, and artist.

His first book, Open Source Church: Making Room for the Wisdom of All, explores the worlds of open source software and Wikipedia, making a compelling case that the work of the Church in the 21st century is best accomplished not by depending on experts but on the collective wisdom of the people God has gathered.

In his digital monograph titled Theology is Art, Landon argues that for theology to fulfill its true purpose and potential it must be understood as an art form. Synthesizing the contributions of the great philosopher of art, Susanne Langer, and the “father of modern theology”, Friedrich Schleiermacher, Whitsitt asserts that theology is best understood as humanity’s “creation of forms symbolic of human feeling, which result from an encounter with God.”

Landon has been on the forefront of new media, producing two critically acclaimed podcasts, Landon Explains It All and The Phoenix Journal. Until Fall 2011, Landon was the co-host and producer of God Complex Radio with Carol Howard Merritt and Bruce Reyes-Chow.

A former congregational pastor, Landon currently serves the Presbyterian Church (USA) as the Executive of the Synod of Mid-America, and, in 2012, completed a two year term as the Vice-Moderator of the church’s General Assembly. As a musician, he has led worship for many local, regional, and national conferences, and has recorded two albums of worship music with his band, eighth day collective.

Landon likes monkeys, Sporting Kansas City soccer, and modern architecture and design. He would have lunch with Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell if given the chance, and he is allergic to watermelon.

Photo by Stacy Richardson