landon was born in Tulsa, OK, but considers himself a Kansan.

After graduating college with a degree in Theatre, he sold yellow page ads. He was very bad at it. He decided to go to divinity school instead.

He worked in interfaith relations, pastored a local congregation, became a church bureaucrat, and wrote a couple books on church and theology. He’s weary of explaining he’s not “that kind” of pastor, but will continue to do so, because in this day and age – sadly – you still gotta.

He wrote a short science fiction story called: This is How You Play the Game.

He is currently working on a novel. It’s like Footloose and Dead Poets Society but about baseball. And racism. It should be a really good time.

He wrote a bunch of music in various styles. You can find it here, here, and here.

He lives in Kansas City.

PHOTO: “landon celebrates as the Kansas City Royals win the 2015 World Series” by Sara Dingman