landon was born in Tulsa, OK, but considers himself a Kansan.

After graduating college with a degree in Theatre, he sold yellow page ads. He was very bad at it. He decided to go to divinity school instead.

He worked in interfaith relations, pastored a local congregation, became a church bureaucrat, wrote a couple books on church and theology, and became a local pastor again. He’s weary of explaining he’s not “that kind” of pastor, but will continue to do so, because in this day and age – sadly – you still gotta.

In 2019 he published a novel about baseball and xenophobia. It’s not as depressing as it sounds. It’s called The Gringos’ Game, and you can buy it here.

Hopefully, soon, he’ll finish his next book, titled: The Pleasure at Being the Cause. Set in a rural Kansas town, it is an exploration of what it means to leave home and become your own person.

He wrote a bunch of music in various styles. You can find it here, here, and here.

He lives in Oklahoma City. He has a wife, four kids, and a dog.