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Theology has come under attack.

Having lost their way, many would-be theologians have resigned themselves to pursuing two other projects:

  • Dogma – a life of trying to prove the unprovable through propositional statements of faith
  • Piety – a shunning of Christian ideas and images in favor of simply trying to “live the Christian faith.”

Although many have tried and tried, neither course has shown the capacity to bring together the Body of Christ.

In this digital monograph, Theology Is Art, I contend that for theology to fulfill its true purpose and potential it must be understood as an art form. Not law. Not science. Art.

Law wants to limit and lock down. Science wants to define and demarcate. Art wants to suggest and set free.

Synthesizing the contributions of the great philosopher of art, Susanne Langer, and the “father of modern theology”, Friedrich Schleiermacher, Theology Is Art asserts that theology is best understood as humanity’s “creation of forms symbolic of human feelings which result from an encounter with God.”

As of today, I am making this ebook free for you to own and pass along.

If you want, please pass your copy along to an artist who has explored the things of God as a way to tell them “Thank you.”

Thank you for showing us worlds we had never seen before.

Thank you for reminding us of things we didn’t know we had forgotten.

Thank you for helping us get out of our own little isolated worlds and connect with others.

Thank you.

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